Yet another Israeli sham in the West Bank, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: So long as Israel follows a policy of domination and aggression against the Palestinians, peace will not be attained between the two sides, a UAE paper commented today.

“Israel continues to opt for dealing” with the Palestinians as the weaker party, rather than a partner, when it comes to the peace process. And such an attitude only ensures that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict never sees an end,” Gulf News said in its editorial.

Last Tuesday, a vote was granted to Israel’s only West Bank colony college to turn it into a university. The upgrading of the college in the Ariel colony is a victory for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which has been pushing for pro-colonist measures.

“This decision to upgrade the university is no small matter as it makes the college eligible to receive public funding. In other words, the illegal step of changing the college’s status is an attempt to legalise its presence on occupied Palestinian land. And it is this aspect which makes the whole issue alarming and unacceptable. Israel cannot take actions as if the West Bank is part of its territory. Change of status does not mean occupation no longer exists,” the paper concluded.