#WorldGovSummit.. Saif Bin Zayed: The Integration Doctrine Serves As a Bridge between the Past and the Future 1st add

Lt. General H.H. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, said, “Governments and states forge their own doctrines and chose whatever suits them. There are positive doctrines and negative doctrines, such as the individual doctrine and the dominating doctrine. However, the UAE President has chosen a doctrine that unites rather than divides; a doctrine that seeks to build rather than destroy. This is the Emirati Integration Doctrine, which was built on exceptional leadership, progressive patriotism and investing in human resources. As a result of this Integration Doctrine, the UAE has made big achievements on par with other world countries on the Competitiveness Indices in the political, social, economic, security, and tourism areas, among others.”

Sheikh Saif discussed the Integration Doctrine in politics. He said, “Based on the Integration Doctrine adopted by the founding forefathers, the union grew to become the strong entity it is today. Our country has become the first country in terms of giving and generosity compared to its national income. With your faith and the Integrated Doctrine of our brothers, the Gulf Cooperation Council was established to answer the call that emanated from Abu Dhabi. With the Integration Doctrine, the United Arab Emirates continues its support for the legitimate government in Yemen. We are proud of our leadership who made the decision, our brave armed forces who executed it, and our heroes, members of the armed forces who manifested this doctrine; even the retirees who never hesitate to answer the call of duty.”

Sheikh Saif also stressed that the UAE’s participation in the Yemen war was not for the sake of waging wars or causing destruction, but as a response to the call of duty, in order to restore hope and rebuild the brotherly and neighboring country of Yemen. Additionally, he reviewed the milestones realized in Yemen and the infrastructure rebuilding achievements within the education, health, security, police, and civil defense sectors, among others.

“Despite the tough decisions taken recently by the UAE and the rest of the world, local achievements have not ceased, as we continue to foster ties with citizens of brotherly and friendly countries around the world,” Sheikh Saif added. “Emirati people can now enter over 100 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa upon arrival.” Sheikh Saif extended his gratitude to H.H Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for his efforts, and to the people of the UAE for their positive behavior abroad, which promotes their reputation and level of civilized manners, both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, H.H. Sheikh Saif addressed the Integration Doctrine in society. He said, “Some countries fear or hesitate to invest heavily in human capital; this is an attitude we refuse in our Integration Doctrine. The doctrine highlights the need to develop human capabilities to their highest capacities by educating and employing them, and instilling values of national loyalty and belonging.”

H.H. Sheikh Saif also pointed out the importance of the noble initiative of selecting young male and female ministers from the UAE’s universities to take part in and join the cabinet. He explained that once the national service law was approved, the UAE’s sons and daughters volunteered, driven by sincere feelings of love, to answer the call of duty; vowing to protect their country and proudly answer the leadership’s call.

H.H. Sheikh Saif also talked about the families of martyrs, especially their mothers, who displayed unique feelings of patriotism and sacrifice as some of them asked to send their other children to join the fight. The wounded soldiers also showed similar feelings by imploring their leaders to allow them to return to the battlefield. H.H. Sheikh Saif said, “The Integration Doctrine could be clearly seen when individuals and society as a whole rose to support the leadership’s decisions, sacrificing everything, most notably their lives, to prove this.” Praying to God Almighty to grant the martyrs eternal peace in heaven, H.H. Sheikh Saif thanked individuals and entities of private and public sectors for their contributions in this regard.