UN and DFWAC organises seminar to discuss coordination of anti-trafficking laws in Arab countries

DUBAI, 17th November, 2015 (WAM) — The United Nations Human Rights Training and Documentation Centre, UNHRC, in association with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, DFWAC, have discussed the coordination of anti-trafficking laws Arab countries, in a regional seminar which was launched today in Dubai under the title, “Consistency and integration of the legislative system to combat human trafficking crimes in Arab countries,” which will conclude its activities on Thursday.

Dr. Alobaid Ahmed Alobaid, Director-General of the United Nations Human Rights Training and Documentation Centre, praised the role of the United Arab Emirates in combating human trafficking at the local level, and supporting regional and international efforts to confront this crime in various ways, by organising such workshops and seminars in this fields.

He said in his opening speech that the seminar will discuss the best legislative practices in the Arab region in the fight against human trafficking and will offer proposed solutions to achieve the ideal coordination and integration of the various legislations, which will contribute to strengthening efforts to combat this crime.

Afra Al Basti, Director-General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, said in her speech that the UAE has made great strides in facing the crime of human trafficking, and succeeded in becoming one of the lowest countries in the region in the proportion of this crime to occur on its territory, thanks to the interest and guidance of its wise leadership which has resulted in the building of a legislative system and the establishment of active and specialised bodies and groups in this field.

She said in her speech, which was made on her behalf by Maryam bin Theneya, Communication Director at DFWAC, “The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children believes that human trafficking is not a problem for a specific country or region, but is a global problem that all countries should join hands and cooperate to confront, and learn from the experiences of each other, especially those of the United Arab Emirates, and from this perspective, DFWAC is cooperating with the United Nations Human Rights Training and Documentation Centre in organising the seminar in Dubai.

Al Basti thanked the United Nations Centre and all the participants in the seminar, expressing the hope that the event will have a positive impact on the efforts of combating human trafficking in the region in general and in the UAE in particular.