UAEU and Japan’s Akita University establish collaboration to co-develop new CMPWT technology

ALAIN, A team of researchers from the United Arab ?Emirates University and Akita University in ?Japan are developing a new technology for ?Ceramic Membrane-based Produced Water ?Treatment (CMPWT)?.

Within the framework of the strategic ?partnership, research cooperation and student ?exchange between the United Arab Emirates ?University UAEU and Akita University in ?Japan, which began in 2018, a team of ?researchers and innovators in the joint ?laboratory between the Department of ?Geosciences, College of Science, UAEU – and ?Akita University in Japan enabled to use of a ?new water treatment technology based on ?ceramic membranes, and an advanced ?technological device that separates water from ?oil, to remove solid impurities and particles ?known as “Ceramic Membrane-based ?Produced Water Treatment Technology ??(CMPWT)”.

In the presence of Prof. Hakim ?Saibi, Department of Geosciences, College of ?Science, researchers and experts: Nakamura Arata, Kawamura Kazuyuki, ?and Ikeda Keisuke, representatives of the ?Japanese companies of oil, gas and water ?sector: INPEX and JOGMEC, and a number of ?researchers and students in the joint laboratory ?on the university campus?.? Prof. Hakim Saibi, Department of Geosciences, ?College of Science, explained, “The Ceramic ?Membrane-based Produced Water Treatment ?Technology (CMPWT) is an emerging ?technology for removing oil and particulates ?from oily water and it will be presented to ?students and researchers. This technology ?improves the quality of water and its use for ?agricultural and industrial purposes?.? Nakamura Arata said that this modern ?technology, which is currently being developed ?by a joint team between the UAEU and Akita ?University in Japan, is unique and will serve the ?oil, gas and energy sector in the country. He ?stressed that companies are developing it to be ?economically feasible and serve the oil and gas ?sector to protect the environment and make ?effective use of heavy water in uses that ?achieve sustainability and preserve ?environment and agriculture.?

Source: Emirates News Agency