UAE’s leading role in aviation sector has gained trust of international community: ICAO Chair Nominee

ABU DHABI, The UAE plays a leading and influential role in the global civil aviation sector, and its support for the efforts of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, in achieving the sector’s sustainability and growth has enabled Aisha Al Hamli, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the ICAO, to attain the trust of the organisation’s members.

Al Hamli, who was nominated to chair the ICAO Council, stated, to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, on the sidelines of the Blockchain Aviation Summit and Exhibition that began today in Abu Dhabi, that her nomination highlights the international trust in the UAE, as it is supporting and strengthening the aviation sector, through various programmes and initiatives.

“The UAE’s success in winning the elections for the chair of the ICAO Council is a major accomplishment for the civil aviation sector, and will strengthen the country’s leading stature in this vital sector,” Al Hamli said.

“It will also continue the journey of innovation while applying the best international practices in safety, security and air navigation, as part of the UAE’s international commitment to achieving environmental sustainability. The sky is the limit for young Emirati women who aim to succeed in the aviation sector. Attaining senior positions represents the dedication and skills of Emirati women. It is also a model of the UAE’s long-term efforts to empower women. The sector needs you, and the aviation community will be your best supporter,” she added.

Al Hamli also expressed her pride for Emirati women and her belief in the importance of their presence in the national and international civil aviation sector while highlighting the role of the General Civil Aviation Authority in launching many initiatives and programmes to attract and train women.

Al Hamli thanked the wise leadership for supporting Emirati women in their local and international journey, which has made the UAE a leader in many areas, including the international civil aviation sector.

“Emirati women have proven themselves in all areas of science and technology, including in the civil aviation sector, which has contributed to their advancement,” she said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency