UAE’s 16th NASA Intern helped to assure Astronaut life support

Abu Dhabi, UAE: August 28, 2012 – Under an historic agreement between the UAE’s not-for-profit Arab Youth Venture Foundation and NASA, the 16th elite Emirati research fellow, Hayam Al Blooshi, an Abu Dhabi female engineering graduate, has returned home from four month mission internship at the U.S. Space agency where she conducting specific activities in the design, construction, and testing of advanced spacecraft water recycling. to assure precious resource sustainability in space.

At NASA Hayam was partially responsible for design of mechanical systems, fabrication and assembly, pressure safety documentation, and controller performance optimization to address the need to supply drinking water to astronauts in flight. Such technologies will be integrated into NASA’s next generation life support systems.

According to Hayam Al Blooshi, “Working with leading scientists at NASA was a unique opportunity and I gained so much knowledge in the field of my studies while adding further skills in other key areas such as resource scarcity and sustainability. While at NASA I participated in a panel discussion. An Introduction to the UAE’, in order to give the NASA research community an insight into our culture and economic diversity. I hope my achievement will be a motivation for younger female Emirati to work hard and fulfill their dreams.” In addition to Hayam’s work in Silicon Valley’s NASA Ames Research Center other dynamic Emirati university engineering students’ have worked on NASA missions related to nano/phone sats, Mars rovers, wind-turbine research for use in avionics, gray water recycling, remote sensing analysis, green building renewable energy infrastructure, and more.

Lisa LaBonte, CEO, Arab Youth Venture Foundation commented, “Like with much of NASA’s ground-breaking space research, what emerges are ancillary terrestrial applications -in this case, water recycling methods and technologies that have direct relevance for green building infrastructure and other sustainable water recycling systems to be used here on earth. The UAE nationals engaged and excelling in such leading edge research and engineering design provides yet further evidence as to the world class intellect, motivation, and abilities of our Emirati youth.” Envisioned by AYVF in UAE in 2007, the NASA-AYVF Innovative Partnership Program was signed in 2009 and launched in 2010. The immersive program selects only the most dynamic minded Emirati university engineering students to spend up to four months at NASA in USA. In 2011 NASA began using the UAE/AYVF model for its international internships.