UAE strategy to address mothers and children’s needs

Abu Dhabi: A national strategy addressing the needs of mothers and children across the UAE will be announced in the first quarter of 2013.
“The strategy will focus on education, health, child protection and participation. This is the first strategy at the national level,” said Mariam Al Munzeri, head of research and study at the General Women’s Union.
The 10-year strategy aims at unifying efforts of relevant authorities at the national and federal levels.
“We want to ensure that children get their full rights and receive the best services. We also want to ensure a regular monitoring of law implementation,” Dr Mohammad Al Mansouri, General Women’s Union Chancellor, told Gulf News.
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Al Mansouri explained that the strategy will make sure that children are heard, and that being from different Emirates will not yield different treatments due to economic discrepancies among the different emirates.
Al Mansouri pointed out that at the education level the strategy will ensure that all children receive high quality education, as it’s a right for everyone. The educational environment at schools should match the child’s age requirement, instil values and ensure that each child is treated with dignity to help grow their knowledge and self esteem.
“We want quality services at school, qualified staff, good social and psychological care, no discrimination of any kind, and revamped curriculum,” he said “
In regards to their health, Al Mansouri explained that the strategy will focus on offering children across the UAE curative and preventive treatment that protects them from all diseases, including some like Aids that have started to impact children.
The strategy will also provide full vaccination to children.
“We listened to Emiratis and expatriate children talk about their problems and concerns. Expatriates have expressed a lack of interaction with the Emiratis, so we will put in place plans in schools for more positive communication among children,” he added.
The strategy will also focus on protecting children from drugs, verbal and physical abuse, online threats, trafficking, selling body parts, among others.