UAE Space Agency to participate in SpaceOps 2016

ABU DHABI, 10th May, 2016 (WAM) — The UAE Space Agency announced today its participation in the 14th International Conference on Space Operations, SpaceOps 2016, which will take place at the Daejeon Convention Center in South Korea from 16th to 20th May.

The UAE Space Agency will use the platform as an opportunity to share experiences and challenges with the international space community.

Organised by the International Committee for Technical Exchange of Space Mission Operations and Ground-based Data System and hosted this year by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, SpaceOps 2016 will be an important technical event that will facilitate discussion around the most recent principles, methods and tools of space operations. It will provide an opportunity to promote the exchange of technical and administrative information on various aspects of space operations, such as robotics, human, earth orbiting, and deep space aspects of space exploration.

SpaceOps 2016, held under the theme “Expanding the Space Community” and attended by international and professional specialists and experts, will discuss various aspects of space operations’ technology, planning, managing missions, launching operations, inter-operability and space flight operations. It will allow participants to promote and implement low-cost mission development opportunities, which in turn encourages more countries and foundations to participate in space development and operations. It also encourages dialogue that can contribute to forming international partnerships among foundations and corporations in developed and emerging countries.

Dr. Khalifa Mohammed Al Romaithi, Chairman of UAE Space Agency, emphasised the importance of participating in such conferences, as they come within the framework of getting acquainted with the most significant innovations and technologies that create an impetus for developing the international space sector and space operations. All of which will benefit the state’s space program in general. “Moreover, this participation comes within the framework of UAE’s space sector’s strategic plans that focus on building and strengthening international and global relationships and partnerships in the space sector as a part of its objectives to promote this sector in the UAE,” he added.

Represented by Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director-General of UAE Space Agency, the UAE Space Agency will participate in a special panel discussion that will discuss the future direction for emerging national space programmes and the strategies nations are taking in establishing national space exploration programmes, the rationale and motivation for these programmes, as well as the challenges and the role of space operations.

Al Ahbabi will join his peers from the South African National Space Agency, the Indian Space Research Organisation and members of NASA’s planetary network management team.

Dr. Al Ahbabi said that the participation aims at supporting the “Hope Probe” Mars project, the first Arab project of its kind that includes launching a space probe to explore planets with state-of-the-art space technology. It also supports the Emirati engineers and scientists that are working on completing the project and are focused on its success, which will enrich human knowledge about the red planet.