UAE project to help Pakistan starts distributing food parcels among displaced families

Islamabad: Acting upon the directives of the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan , the Directorate of the UAE project to help Pakistan in cooperation with the Khalifa bin Zayed Humanitarian Foundation (KZHF) have started distribution of 20,000 food parcels among displaced families in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, and in North and South Waziristan Agencies in Pakistan.

The Directorate of the UAE project supervised the distribution of food aid among needy families at the displaced camps. The field team along with representatives of the provincial, International Aid agencies and Pakistan Army participated in the distributing process of food parcels at the Jalozai Camp, considered one the biggest refugee camps in Pakistan with 13600 displaced families.

The Director of UAE project to assist Pakistan Abdullah Khalifa Al Ghafli said distribution of food aid to the displaced people at Jalozai Camp comes from the keenness of the wise leadership of the UAE to support the needy and poor families as well as provision of a decent life for them. It is also a culmination of the distinguished relations and efforts between the UAE and Pakistan in the context of humanitarian work.

He added that the foodstuff has been selected through latest standards in terms of nutritional value which includes various items of daily usage like flour, rice, sugar, salt, lentils, cooking oil and tea. The food stuff has been bought from the local markets in Pakistan in order to activate the local economy and revive the local markets.

He affirmed that the directorate of the project is keen to deliver the assistance on daily basis to beneficiaries at the allocated shelters in the camps in order to facilitate the delivery routes for families who lack wage earners, suffer from injuries and physical disability and the inability to move.

The displaced families expressed their happiness on the initiative which stresses UAE keenness to alleviate sufferings of the Pakistani people who are facing dire conditions, and extended thanks and gratitude to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. They wished him good health and prosperity, security and stability for the people of UAE.