UAE Press: Arab family will never be influenced by outside powers

DUBAI, Arab family will never be influenced by outside powers, commented a local daily.

In its today’s editorial the Gulf News wrote that external forces that attempt to sow seeds of disharmony in the region will not be successful, quoting Dr Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, who quite aptly remarked: “The sectarian and partisan approach is not an acceptable alternative. The Arab world will not be led by Tehran or Ankara. The geostrategic competition taking place in the region calls for strengthened Arab [unity] with Riyadh and Cairo as its pillar.”

The paper further wrote that in the past two years, the former areas occupied by Daesh has been reclaimed by the coalition fighting together on the ground and assisted by air support from a host of nations. Gradually, in Iraq first and then in its last redoubts in Syria, Daesh has been defeated, with only scattered and isolated pockets remaining now as 2017 draws to a close. “But what has also been significant is that both Turkey and Iran have used the combined international military interventions in Syria and Iraq to pursue their own narrow political and sectarian agendas,” the Dubai-based newspaper pointed out.

Historically, for more than 300 years up to the end of the First World War, the Ottoman Empire held sway in varying degrees over portions of the region. What united all Arabs then and does so now is a brotherly bond of history and heritage, and the one true faith of Islam.

“Ankara and Tehran are now, under their respective leaderships, acting as if they had some sort of historical right to assume the mantle of Arab leadership, or as if they are somehow morally or politically superior by virtue of their meddling in Arab lands at a time of crisis.

“No, they don’t. And their meddling is both tiresome and irksome,” the paper adde

Source: Emirates News Agency