UAE plays effective role in terms of energy sources, says Energy Diplomacy Initiative head

ABU DHABI, 10th January, 2017 (WAM) — The UAE plays an effective role in terms of energy sources, David Koranyi, Director of the Energy Diplomacy Initiative at the Atlantic Council, has said.

In an interview with Emirates News Agency (WAM), Koranyi said that Abu Dhabi has occupied a leading position in the field of energy during the previous years, citing the Petroleum Institute and the Abu Dhabi future energy company “Masdar”, and “Solar impulse”, the aircraft operating with solar energy.

The World Energy Forum, which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi, has invited decision-makers and businessmen from all over the world to discuss the most efficient ways to support the energy market and current techniques, as well as promote efforts to protect the environment, Koranyi said.

The forum emphasises on geopolitics in the transformation of the world energy sector, and the role of various energy sources in meeting the growing international demands, he added.

He referred to the three main issues addressed by the forum: The effect of the United States’ presidential elections on international security and energy, the emerging market trends, and energy technologies.

Speaking about the UAE’s efforts to achieve sustainable development using advanced and creative technologies, he stressed that the country is using its oil wealth to fund research and develop clean energy sources. He highlighted the work done by Masdar, and acknowledged that it was going to contribute towards reducing emissions in the UAE.

He predicted that the US would be more active in the field of energy security, while affirming that oil prices would witness changes. One should wait and see if the participants at the OPEC agreement held in November 2016 would commit to their pledge, he added.