UAE participates in 10th meeting to discuss linking of traffic violations in GCC

ABU DHABI — The working team in charge of linking traffic violations between the traffic departments of the GCC countries, concluded their 10th meeting recently, with Colonel Barakat Al Kandi leading the UAE delegation.

During the meeting, discussions were held on various issues of mutual interest, particularly the importance of coordinating and linking of traffic fines in an efficient way that contributes to the promotion of traffic cooperation between GCC countries.

Al Kandi said that that traffic departments in the GCC states have supervised automatic traffic linking projects, and have agreed to find a unified mechanism to exchange traffic violations between them.

He said that the delegations representing the traffic departments discussed the mechanism of implementing the project across the GCC countries, adding that the automatic linking of traffic violations had already begun a few years ago.

The Colonel said that after the complete implementation of automatic linking, there will be no need to exchange registered traffic violations via paper documentation, and will be substituted with an automated, paper-less system that will see the exchange of information between the GCC countries.

Each country will apply its own system related to traffic violations, and the electronic exchange of information will enhance security, check violators, and ultimately reduce accidents. The electronic linking between GCC countries aims to provide more services in the future and facilitate additional procedures, other than traffic violations, for the citizens and residents of these countries, he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency