UAE participates: Donor conference on Yemen completes first day of meetings

Riyadh: The donor conference concluded its first day of meetings in Riyadh with added confidence to drum up international support to help Yemen out from the current critical economic juncture brought about by the recent developments in that country.

UAE’s delegation to the conference, which is co-chaired by Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the World Bank Group, is being headed by Dr. Abdul Rahim Al Awadi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs.

The conference comes within the efforts of the international community to put an end to Yemen’s most pressing challenges which included the drying up of oil reserves, poor availability of groundwater and food scarcity that reached dangerous levels.

Yemeni government is working to attract international support in these sectors.

Dr Abdul Rahim Al Awadi said that the United Arab Emirates recognizes the urgent economic and humanitarian challenges facing Yemen and stressed the importance of the meeting of the Friends of Yemen and its partners to assist the Government in responding to the needs of the Yemeni people.

Noting the efforts aimed at helping the Yemeni economy, Awadi added that this aid will cover a wide range of areas, projects and sectors over the coming years.

He said that the donor organizations and agencies in the UAE worked alongside with the Yemeni people in building educational facilities, ensuring environmental protection, promoting access to water resources, establishing new healthcare facilities and improving the existing ones and empowering women.

The UAE has also built housing units and looked after the food aid to help the people affected by natural calamities and manmade conflicts.

He also added that the UAE has always been committed to providing development assistance to Yemen. Following donors’ conference in London in November of 2006 it pledged about USD 150 million to recuperate Yemeni economy and finance infrastructure projects and reconstruction.

He pointed out that Yemen was the third largest recipient of aid provided by the UAE in 2010.