UAE paper urges motorists to follow safety rules at petrol stations

Abu Dhabi: A UAE paper has urged the motorists to exercise extra care and observed safety guidelines while entering the Petrol stations.

“Gulf News” while referring to an incident of cars collision at a petrol station on the Emirates Road on Tuesday evening, leading to a fire, said that “incident should be a warning to us all that petrol stations have the potential to be dangerous places lest the rules go ignored.” Thankfully, due to the quick response of Dubai Civil Defence, the blaze was quickly extinguished and no one was injured.

“Petrol stations are not pit stops on a race track so avoid pulling into them at speed. There are people walking about, workers on the forecourt,” the paper said in its today’s editorial.

And don’t forget to butt out. Fumes from the fuels are highly flammable and the last thing you should do is smoke.

Switch off your engine too. If those service station workers who toil all day in heat can labour without air conditioning, you can live without it for a few minutes. Can’t you, the paper asked?