UAE media handles events professionally, says Sultan Al Jaber

ABU DHABI, 26th October, 2016 (WAM) — The UAE media deals in a realistic and professional manner with events keeping national interests in mind, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State, Chairman of the Board of Director of National Media Council (NMC), has said.

The region experiences threats and risks, which prompt those in charge of the media to redouble their efforts to keep pace with changes and address challenges, he added “This ensures that the UAE remains an oasis of security, peace and a model of stability based on values of tolerance and happiness as per the aspirations of the leadership,” Dr. Al Jaber added.

Dr. Al Jaber was speaking at the Media Forum on Risks and Threats at Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research on Wednesday. The event was organised by the National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority in co-operation with the NMC.

“The forum is important amid rapid international developments and changes in a region awash with crises, and attempts to spread extreme ideas,” he added.

Dr. Al Jaber said that the immense progress in the digital and social networking media has created a new situation. “These new media tools have become instrumental as an active part of the events and not just in coverage,” he added.

The role of the media in tackling threats and risks should start with preventive measures and pre-planning to avoid crises, he said. This, he noted, requires maturity and awareness to prevent risks from turning into crises and catastrophes.

Dr. Al Jaber reiterated that this awareness also helps to reduce the intensity of a crisis by disseminating authentic information and refuting rumours and misguided ideas.

He hailed the role of the national media institutions in spreading such awareness and highlighting the country’s progress in all sectors.

Dr. Al Jaber referred to the UAE’s prestigious image, thanks to the directives and shrewd vision of the leadership.

The NMC is currently developing a crisis management strategy in co-operation with competent authorities, he said, and added that the council will continue to unify these efforts in a manner that serves higher national interests.