UAE films on YouTube draw half million viewers

The YouTube channel on UAE films features over 90 works, which have attracted nearly half-a-million viewers spread throughout the world.
It contains the best of the films on the UAE including many that showcased the country at the recent World Expos in Spain, Shanghai and Korea.

The channel, filmsonuae, covers a wide range of themes — from history to 21st century development — and it will receive its 500,000th viewer this week.

Popular films on the channel include many of the marine-related films, such as The Turtle, made for the current EXPO at Yeosu, Korea.

The channel reflects the National Media Council’s (NMC) keenness to make the films available throughout the world, on the YouTube platform.

The channel, which is run on behalf of the NMC by FQC Media, has been live for over a year and has attracted a growing number of followers.

One of the most popular films is a short presentation in the Aldar HQ building in Abu Dhabi. The films can be seen at