UAE elected Member of International Telecommunications Satellite Organization Advisory Committee

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates has been elected as a member of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) Advisory Committee.

The selection came during the 35th Meeting of the Assembly of Parties held in Kampala, Uganda last month.

The UAE is among a group of 21 nations to comprise this advisory committee whose objective is to further the ITSO commitment to develop a global satellite communications system. This committee will represent the 150 members of the organization to deliver upon this objective. A member nation to the ITSO, the UAE was represented by Hasan Al Suwaidi, UAE Ambassador in Kampala, who led a delegation that included Eng. Khalid Al Awadhi, Manager, Space Services in the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Commenting on the TRA participation and the UAE’s election into the advisory committee, Mohamad Ahmad Al-Qamzi, Chairman- TRA Board of Directors remarked, “The UAE, through TRA representation, is often a part of international organizations that aim to augment the status of the global communications infrastructure and the status of less developed nations. As a progressive nation in the telecommunications field and a regional leader in ICT in the Middle East, the UAE is uniquely positioned to make a significant contribution to such agendas. The TRA’s Spectrum Affairs department is pleased to take on this responsibility and is looking forward to being a part of this esteemed mission.” The 35th ITSO Assembly Meeting discussed several critical issues with relation to developing a global communications satellite system in addition to addressing the importance of providing satellite services to lesser developed nations.

Director General of TRA, Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim stated, “Our involvement in this committee further exemplifies the merit of our already strong track record in taking a lead in the development of infrastructure that aims to provide compatibility and benefit to users of ICT on a global scale. We have shown our dedication to the ITSO agenda by representing our country as a member nation, and through this election to the committee, we have once again embodied the leading role that serves as an example to other nations in our region.” The TRA is responsible for the management and regulation of the Radio Spectrum in the UAE and regularly represents the country in international forums. Its primary objective is to facilitate the successful coordination of spectrum and satellite orbital assignments promoting international cooperation and minimizing harmful interferences.

The ITSO incorporates the principle set forth in Resolution 1721 (XVI) of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which stipulates that communication by means of satellites should be universal as soon as feasible and achievable on a global and non-discriminatory basis.