UAE delivers urgent medical assistance to prevent spread of cholera in Aden

ADEN, 22nd October, 2016 (WAM)–Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has dispatched urgent medical supplies to a number of hospitals in Aden to prevent the spread of cholera following monitoring a number of cases in several districts that caused the death of some patients there.

The central laboratory at Al Jumhouriya hospital received the oral rehydration solution (ORS) to help examine suspected cases of cholera. The ERC also delivered to competent authority in Aden 20 barrels of chlorine as part of a contribution to fight against the spread of cholera.

The ERC team provided in Aden the ORS to the coordinator of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Yemen, Dr. Mohammed Cleese, who thanked the ERC on the speedy response. He added that these solutions were sufficient to examine 500 suspected cases.

He also welcomed the rapid response by the UAE to meet the needs of the organisation for these solutions.

Medical sources said that a number of people with cholera continues to increase, and called on the government and local authorities to take action to deal with the situation, especially in Dar Saad, Al Mansoura and Al Ma’li Alli and Al Basateen districts.

This move coincides with an awareness campaign organised by the ERC in schools and health center on the ways and methods of prevention of cholera.

Earlier, the WHO warned in a statement posted on the social networking site account, “Twitter” on increase of cholera cases in Yemen, saying that “it has reached a worrying stage that should not be ignored.”

The UAE has recently signed two cooperation agreements with the WHO to develop the health sector in Yemen through the implementation of a number of projects and programmes worth AED50.5 million.