TRA Director General Re-registers His Mobile subscription in Line with the “My Number, My Identity” Campaign

Dubai: Proceeding from the firm belief in transparency, and in line with the meaning behind the “My Number, My Identity” campaign, Mohammed Nasser Al Ghanim, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Director General, will re-register his subscription and update his information with the two operators in the UAE namely Etisalat and du.

Al Ghanim visited the main buildings of Etisalat and of du in Abu Dhabi last week to be the first to re-register his mobile subscription with the aim to encourage UAE nationals and residents to carry on their duties towards the country, and preserve their mobile phone numbers as they represent their unique identity.

He said: “The My Number, My Identity’ campaign aims in the first place to protect users and their interests to prevent them from falling prey to misuse of the numbers by others. Hence, we wanted to be the first to implement the objectives of the campaign and serve as a role model for all people in the UAE in order to achieve the maximum possible benefits for them.” He added: “The TRA has focused on promoting the concept of transparency and protecting the privacy of users and their information; therefore, the TRA has established a number of rules and regulations that should be followed by service providers to achieve these goals.”

Notably, the TRA has recently announced the timeframe of registration of all users in the country, which will last for a period of approximately 18 months. The process is divided into six stages to ensure that all of the users have successfully completed their registration. The TRA will monitor the registration process to ensure that it is carried out as per the specified policies and procedures. Furthermore, mobile phone subscribers are expected to fully update their data and ensure that the SIM cards they are using are registered under their names.

Additionally, Etisalat and du started their own procedures to register mobile phone subscribers according to ‘My Number, My Identity’ campaign on Tuesday 17 July 2012 by assigning dedicated teams to manage this initiative cohesively, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the mobile phone subscribers’ registered data through the availability of the licensees’ sales outlets throughout the UAE.