TRA and the National Media Council discuss preserving users’ privacy

ABU DHABI: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the National Media Council (NMC) examined venues of cooperation between in the area of observance and safeguarding the privacy of mobile phone users in the UAE, particularly in regard to reducing spam via mobile phones.

The coordination meeting was held yesterday at the Head office of the Council in Abu Dhabi in the presence of Mohammad Nasser Al-Ghanim, TRA Director General and Ibrahim Al-Abed, Director General of the National Media Council. The meeting discussed ways to provide sound connectivity for users in the UAE and achieve maximum satisfaction.

The meeting emphasized the need to adhere to regulatory policy regarding “spam and electronic communication” issued by the TRA on 30 December 2009, “annex” electronic SPAM messages through mobile”.

Al Ghanim said: “TRA has great interest in this aspect in the telecommunications sector in the UAE therefore, has issued the necessary legislation to reflect the roles of both licensees “Etisalat” and “du” in reducing the phenomenon of spam promotional, and the TRA created mechanism for that to allow those affected to report spam as instructed operators to provide the necessary technical resources that prevent access such messages to users and prevent the recurrence of access if the user reporting “.

Al Ghanim added “the TRA emphasizes on the need to take the prior approval of the target before sending marketing messages via mobile phone, noting that regulatory policy established by the TRA in this regard stipulates to respect the individual privacy and prohibits sending marketing messages via mobile phone between 9 pm and 7 am.

The terms of regulatory policy for the TRA also apply to promotional messages via mobile phones issued by licensed “Etisalat” and “du” messaging service and also applied sender blocking service by both operators where users can send a free message to the number (7726) to block unwanted messages from a particular source.

Al-Abed said: “the importance of this subject in the light of the attention of the National Media Council to provide Media and information content in the communication networks and the media is committed to standards relating to this matter, which emphasized consideration of the individual privacy and their right to accept or reject the promotional and marketing content that sends to them from the different commercial providers.” The meeting comes after a TRA’s careful and detailed research into to complaints by the public about intrusive marketing text messages. The authority aims to apply regulatory policy to reduce marketing messages sent to users without their consent as well as to achieve the utmost respect for users’ privacy.