Three MoUs signed to enhance logistics sector in Aqaba

The Jordanian German Center of Excellence, affiliated with the Aqaba vocational training institute, has recently entered into several significant Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) aimed at fostering closer collaboration with the private sector. The signing ceremony, held on Tuesday in Aqaba, sealed the collaboration between the Center and representatives from prominent companies in the logistics industry. The entities involved in these MoUs are “Aqaba Logistics Village,” “Container Terminal for Logistics,” and “Orbit Aluminum Industries.” The primary objective of the MoUs is to reinforce the private sector’s role and engagement within the training and technical education sector. This collaborative effort encompasses the development of logistics-related curricula and programs, such as the Warehouse Supervisor Program and Logistics Support. Moreover, it includes the training and employment of the Center’s graduates within the logistics sector, and meetings with students to acquaint them with the realities of the job market and provide them with the necessary preparation. Situated within the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, the Jordanian German Center of Excellence holds a crucial position as part of the National Company for Training and Employment (NET). It plays a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of employees and workers within economic institutions, with a particular emphasis on the logistics professions. Aqaba, known for its multitude of investments and service providers in the logistics domain, benefits significantly from such initiatives. Commissioner of Youth and Entrepreneurship, Ramzi Al-Kabariti, underscored the importance of cultivating partnerships with the private sector and facilitating their involvement in devising strategies and plans that guarantee the creation of job opportunities that cater to market demands, urging the need for such training programs to address the shortage of skilled workforce within the logistics sector in Aqaba. Representatives from the three companies emphasized the imperative nature of extending full support to the youth and preparing them to enter the job market, stressing the significance of developing training and technical education programs that align with the requirements of the Jordanian and regional markets. “Such efforts are expected to increase the opportunities available to the youth, empowering them to improve their living and professional conditions while keeping pace with the rapid integration of specialized technologies in the logistics field,” they added. Laith Ziyadeen, Director of the Aqaba vocational training institute, highlighted the substantial contributions of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority in regulating the job market and furnishing employment prospects across various sectors. Additionally, he expressed appreciation for the continuous support provided by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the MOVHE-HET project in bolstering the job market, delivering modern expertise and technologies, and equipping the labor market with the required skills and competencies.

Source: Jordan News Agency