The Youth Council for Government Talents gears up for the launch of the Promising Government Talents Project

In cooperation with the Federal Youth Authority, the Youth Council for Government Talents, which was launched last August by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), continues to hold meetings and benchmarking sessions with several private sector institutions and international think tanks that specialize in the field of Human Resource development. These efforts come in light of the Council’s preparations to launch the upcoming Promising Government Talents project.

The Youth Council for Government Talents consists of an elite group of young national talents representing UAE government employees. The members were selected from a pool of over 50 candidates representing 30 federal entities who presented more than 120 ideas to develop future government talents.

Meitha Kolthoum, Director of the Strategy & Future Department at FAHR, explained that the Authority aims, through the Council, to create an attractive and motivating government ecosystem for the youth, and to enhance the supportive environment for the development of young talents. She also indicated that the Council represents a platform that allows the youth to take part in the design of the Human Capital Management System, as well as the development of future government Human Resources Policies, and innovative solutions and proactive initiatives to shape the future of government work.

Furthermore, she stated that as part of its preparations for launching the Promising Government Talents project, the Youth Council for Government Talents held a series of meetings and work sessions with several leading local and international human resource management and empowerment institutions. During those meetings and sessions, the best experiences, and practices that these institutions adopt were discussed with the aim of utilizing such experiences to establish an integrated and innovative perception for the Promising Government Talents project, which the Council aims to launch in the first half of 2023.

The Council was introduced to the key talent management and career path practices that First Abu Dhabi Bank adopts, and learned about the technological solutions used in analytical skill tests offered by Beacon Red. Several brainstorming sessions were also held.

The Council will focus on increasing the participation of young national talents in designing initiatives and policies that will have an impact on the future of government work and which will contribute to the adoption of the best models and solutions to government human resource challenges. Ultimately, this will enhance the UAE government’s work and enable it to achieve a leading status globally.

The Youth Council for Government Talents consists of an elite group of distinguished young national competencies including Hamad Suhail Al-Awadi, Senior Director of Strategy, HR Planning and Development at the General Civil Aviation Authority, Alia Mohammed Al-Hussein, Legal Researcher at the Securities and Commodities Authority, Nasser Nabil Al Boom, Head of Purchasing and Administrative Services Department at the UAE Space Agency, and Nada Ismail Al Hosani, Head of Employee Happiness Department at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure).

Other members include Reem Abdullah Al Tunaiji, Employee Relations Executive at the Emirates Schools Establishment, Asma Mohammad Al Zarooni, Head of Tax Information Exchange Department at the Ministry of Finance, Ahlam Abdul Mohsen Al Mannai, Agricultural Engineer at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and Fadel Mohammad Al Shamsi, Head of Strategy and Performance Development Department at the Ministry of Interior.

Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources