The PMF And The Security Forces Launch The Second Day Of The “Swords Of Truth” Operation In Tuz Khurmatu

The Popular Mobilization Forces and the security forces launched today, Sunday, the second day of the “Swords of Truth” operation in Tuz Khurmatu.

A statement by the popular mobilization commission’s media stated that the operation was attended by the PMF, with the 52nd Brigades within the Kirkuk and East Tigris Operations Command, the 63rd within the North Axis Command in the PMF, and the third brigade, the rapid intervention and air cover by the Iraqi army aviation.

It added that the operation aims to pursue the criminal ISIS cells and limit the movements of its elements between Kirkuk and Salah al-Din.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Security Media Cell announced the launch of the fifth phase of Operation Swords of Right in three governorates, with the participation of the Popular Mobilization Forces, along with the security forces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency