The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments commemorated the Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s birthday at the UAE Armed Forces Club in Abu Dhabi in the attendance of Dr Mohamed Salem al-Kaabi, Chairman of Awqaf, the executive directors and officials at Awqaf. The anniversary was also attended by a massive crowd of scholars, imams and khatibs and clergypersons in an atmosphere of tolerance and co-existence. Invited to the stage, Dr al-Kaabi extended, on behalf of Awqaf, sincere congratulations to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Their Highness Members of the Supreme Council of Federation, the Rulers of the Emirates and the entire world, on the birth of our Master Muhammad, peace be upon him, the master of mercy, champion of values and model for humanity. Dr al-Kaabi said: “We are in dire need today where challenges are outpouring to go back to the spring of the Prophethood, and the values of the Muhammadan message, and turn over its pages so that we see values and morals in their highest meanings, and mercy and love in their brightest manifestations”. He also said: “The anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s birthday is a great occasion to learn from his high morals and reflect on his biography and present it to people in an integrated and realistic way in our homes, majlis, workplaces, tweets and posts and our civilisational communication with our brothers in humanity, and our tolerance and co-existence with the world”. “So that us and the generations to come will have a role model to emulate,” added Dr al-Kaabi, noting that the Messenger of Allah was sent to complement and perfect the human values that all other divine messages came to cherish”. For her part, the little preacher Houyam Fahd al-Hassani delivered a speech titled “The Messenger of Allah PBUH is My Role Model”, in which she said: “we celebrate today of your blessed day, which is the usher and beginning of our civilisation and accomplishments, I say to you, my Master, the Messenger of Allah, you are my role model, my ideal and supreme model in terms of the lofty qualities in the field of science, knowledge, love and loyalty to the homeland”. “We supplicate to the Exalted Allah to make this joyous anniversary an occasion to further strengthen our faith and goodness and make it come back years to come while our country, Muslim countries and the whole world are blessed with security and safety”, she concluded. It is worth mentioning that the ceremony was kicked off with the national anthem and followed by a recitation of the Quranic verses performed by a student who graduated from the Emirati reciters’ project. Concluding the ceremony, Dr al-Kaabi honoured the winners at the 6th edition of ‘Little Preacher’ 2022 and awarded them certificates of appreciation, wishing them good luck in their studies and academic journey.

Source: General Authority of Endowments and Islamic affairs