The Authority Participates in the Human Resources Conference in Astana

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) participated in the Human Resources Conference, which was hosted by the Kazakh capital “Astana” on December 9, 2022. The conference, which was organized by the Academy of Public Administration affiliated to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, witnessed the participation of a group of experts and human resources specialists from different countries of the world. The conference discussed most prominent human capital challenges and solutions, and the future of human in light of the rapid technological changes.

The authority was represented at the conference by Omran Al Shamsi, Head of Systems Analysis and Maintenance Department, at the Human Resources Information Management System. Mr. Al Shamsi highlighted the Authority’s most prominent initiatives and strategic projects in the federal government, and its advanced smart systems, especially the Human Resources Information Management System “Bayanati”, and the electronic resources’ systems that falls under its umbrella, such as the electronic performance management, training and development systems in the federal government, the strategic workforce planning system in the federal government, and the systems of salaries, wages, compensations and incentives.

Al Shamsi pointed out that the “Bayanati” System provides many services to federal government employees, enabling them to complete all human resources procedures, through the self-service portal designated for each employee. In addition, it speeds up electronic approvals on some human resources procedures, and ensuring the payment of their salaries through a unified system.

Further, Al Shamsi covered the most prominent features of digital transformation at the level of human resources systems in the UAE government. He stressed that the elements of digital transformation are: (change at the system level, development of digital capabilities of employees, and electronic linkage with other federal entities, for the purpose of providing proactive services to the customers, providing and analyzing data to enable decision makers to make the right decisions).

Al Shamsi continued to highlight the authority’s efforts in transferring knowledge to federal government employees, and its pioneering initiatives in the field of developing the capabilities of federal human capital. Most notably: (the initiative of the e-learning portal in the federal government “Al Mawrid”, and “Jahiz” … the future of human resources, and the initiative preferred training partners in the federal government (Ma’arif) and the Government Skills Bank).

Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources