The Authority and the National Archive Discusses Enhancing Prospects of Cooperation

H.E. Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Acting Director General of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, stressed the importance of enhancing the prospects of cooperation between the various institutions and government entities in the country, and the need to unify, coordinate and intensify the efforts of the work teams. The aim of doing that is to make innovative qualitative achievements in various fields that enhance the global leadership of the United Arab Emirates at various levels, and add to its solid track records of success and achievements.


That took place at her virtual meeting with H.E. Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Director-General of the National Archives and Library in the presence of HE Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Human Resources Policies at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), H.E. Ibrahim Fikri, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector, and representatives from both sides.


During the meeting, the best experiences, practices and successful global experiences were exchanged between the various State institutions, whether in the public or private sectors. Thus, this would contribute to upgrading the government work system, developing the services provided by institutions, and enhancing the experiences of customers, which is always sought and advocated by the wise leaders of the country.


During the meeting, H.E. Laila Al Suwaidi reviewed the most prominent efforts undertaken by the Authority over the past years, in terms of archiving important documents, papers and files. Furthermore, she has also lauded the distinguished efforts made by the National Archives and Library work team. in terms of documenting the various historical stages that our region went through before and after the establishment of the UAE Federation and maintaining important documents and papers that are an integral part of the history of the State, its authentic heritage, and an important cultural heritage for current and future generations.


For his part, H.E. Abdullah Majid Al Ali emphasized the importance of the role played by the National Archives and Library in preserving the nation’s memory and preserving important historical documents that document historical stages and the qualitative developments it is going through, within various sectors and fields. Moreover, he also underlined the importance of cooperation of all institutions with the Archive and National Library, to achieve its strategic goals, which are concerned with research and preservation of all documents of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.


He also listed the main objectives of the “Archive” as the trusted guardian of the National Archives, represented in collecting and preserving archives in paper and electronic format. The aim is to promote cultural and historical awareness, facilitate access to valuable research materials, build bridges between citizens and their Emirati history, heritage and identity, and immerse themselves in authentic experiences through millions of documents that chart the history of the region.


Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

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