The Alternative Solution

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2020 / In a desire to salvage its current deteriorating financial situation, the Lebanese government has pursued many different solutions, including selling government bonds. The government is in grave need of external assistance and support of the local banks and foreign allies. According to capital market experts, in order to rehabilitate the economy, Lebanon must create an economic plan that will attract investors for two billion dollars of governmental bonds, including selling governmental bonds.

As in any investment, the trust one has in the ability of the government to honor the bond will directly impact to how many bonds an investor is willing to purchase. In the past, banks and investors would buy bonds using foreign currency in order to take advantage of the fluctuating exchange rate between the national and foreign currency, knowing that the government was responsible for balancing the different currencies. In this way investors would receive turn a profit both on the interest of the bond itself and on the currency exchange.

Governmental bonds can also be purchased by citizens, and turn a profit in the long run. Investing in bonds is a financial risk and as such, one must tread cautiously when investing in them. This is how we, “Economics by Mona”, can assist you. We believe it is our duty to aid our Lebanese brothers to rise above the poverty line and find worthy sources of income. Our goal is to enable the Lebanese citizens to operate in the world of finance and guide them with simple financial strategies which can be easily implemented into daily life to provide an additional source of income.

Should the possibility of a second income interest you, we will provide you with all the assistance and guidance you will need to begin investing in governmental bonds an earning your own interest.

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