The 116th Canton Fair — “The Perfect Partner For Today’s SME”

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 6, 2015 / PRNewswire/ — Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may not generate the huge revenues of multinational corporations, but they are nevertheless a cornerstone of every healthy economy. Providing invaluable jobs, supplying essential goods and services to larger companies, and driving innovation, they stimulate and underpin economic growth.

As China’s most prestigious and profitable trade show, the Canton Fair has long recognized the importance of the SME to global trade. Today nearly 70 percent of international visitors attending the event are either SME owners, managers or employees. They make the twice yearly journey to Guangzhou to purchase products, explore market trends, gather information and establish lucrative partnerships with Chinese companies.

Visiting the 116th Canton Fair to look for home decoration materials, Etienne from Guadeloupe was attending the event for the second time.

“For a small business the Canton Fair is the perfect one stop shop,” he explained. “I have met two new suppliers here and also visited some factories. I can also handle shipping, freight forwarding and consolidation. The fact that the Fair is so well organized makes it very convenient.”

Canton Fair organizers are dedicated to helping SMEs around the world grow their business. This means constantly developing new tools, promotions and initiatives that support small businesses, allowing them to take advantage of the myriad opportunities provided by a burgeoning Chinese marketplace. It also means collaborating with chambers of commerce and business associations right across the world, reaching out to companies that soon come to appreciate just how valuable a partner the Fair can be when it comes to boosting the bottom line.

Looking to source travel bags, Nicolau from Cyprus also visited the 116th Canton Fair. The SME owner was more than happy with the products on offer.

“I have been coming to the Canton Fair for about 10 years and the quality and the price of products improves all the time,” said the Cypriot. “While I’m happy with my current suppliers, you can find new things all the time.”

“The Canton Fair is very well organized,” continued the entrepreneur. “For both small wholesalers and retailers, it can really give your business the edge.”

Fair organizers now look ahead to the 117th installment of the Canton Fair, set to kick off on April 15, 2015.

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