TCA Abu Dhabi refreshes corporate identity

ABU DHABI, 30th October, 2016 (WAM)–Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) has launched a refreshed corporate identity to better reflect its diverse mandate and re-energised approach to staying relevant in changing times and marketplaces, and lead the Emirate to deliver a distinctive experience for visitors and the community aligned with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision.

The evolved identity carries the Abu Dhabi brand icon and prominent word descriptor, and reinforces TCA Abu Dhabi’s Arab roots with complementary geometric Arabic design elements.

Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of TCA Abu Dhabi said, “Elements of our previous ‘holding’ identity have been incorporated into the refreshed brand as a reassurance of stability with the redesign signalling in a new exciting era for the Authority. The refresh is aimed at clearly expressing the authority’s role while paying tribute to its heritage, and to better engage people for a vibrant future. “

This is a first step in up-scaling the positioning of the Authority, preparing it to address challenges and deliver positive results for all involved in the emirate’s interlinked culture and tourism sectors, he added.

The refreshed brand’s Tone of Voice was designed to be inspirational, authentic and authoritative. It also aims to reflect the Authority’s core business goal to create an infrastructure to support and nurture Abu Dhabi’s sustainable tourism industry; to promote and preserve the Emirates’ distinctive heritage and culture; to attract visitors and investment; and to enrich the lives of residents by transforming Abu Dhabi into a world-class destination.

“The brand is a reflection of quality and an extension of our core values – respect, excellence, integrity, transparency, leadership, innovation and teamwork,” said Al Mubarak. “We want the organisation to be resolutely positioned as one which delivers high industry standards, develops expertise, expands industry knowledge and sets new benchmarks of success.”

The transformed corporate brand shares visual elements with the Authority’s destination logo, which has always used the words Abu Dhabi for precise location positioning. The use of the word descriptor in the new corporate brandmark creates a natural and instantly recognisable association between the destination and the Authority.

“It’s a recognition that reinforces the Authority’s role in the Abu Dhabi Plan of delivering an original and attractive tourism destination with a range of development programmes across culture, retail, business, events and festivals,” added Al Mubarak.

TCA Abu Dhabi wants its refreshed brand to inspire all who work for it and with it to aim to create a destination with a clear vision of hospitality and aspiration, showing potential visitors a place that is desirable and full of inspiring experiences. The Authority’s staff and stakeholders are urged to embrace the essence of authenticity in helping to conserve and preserve the emirate’s culture, heritage and traditions.