Syria needs a feasible solution, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: There is no secret that the situation in Syria has reached a level that will require an immediate solution. In lieu of the lack of an international consensus on the steps needed to end the fighting in the country, not much is expected to change in reality, opined a UAE paper.

“The fighting will continue and the loss of innocent lives will escalate. If there is any effort or proposal that will come about with regard to Syria, it has to be one that will ensure bringing to an end the daily suffering of the people. Otherwise, all efforts will prove to be meaningless,” Gulf News commented in its today’s editorial.

The United Nations and Arab League special peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is in the Middle East to meet a number of stakeholders. He is scheduled to meet officials of the League as well as the Egyptian leaders, followed by a visit to Damascus, where he will hold meetings with the Syrian leadership and opposition representatives. There are many issues that need to be addressed and the envoy knows it only too well that it is no easy task.

“The deep division between members of the UN Security Council has crippled any possibility to end the violence any time soon. The positions of the major powers on Syria have further complicated the situation as none have agreed to a compromise. The current stance is exacerbating matters as the death toll keeps rising amid the widening ambit of destruction. This has to stop. There should be no more deaths of innocents and no further destruction of neighbourhoods and cities,” the paper wrote.

If all the powers involved in the conflict in Syria as well as the regime want to see an end to the conflict, they have to make that possibility feasible for the new envoy. Otherwise, it will be a conflict that will drag on for a very long time to come. Syria cannot afford such a situation neither can the world community as the nation risks complete disintegration, the paper concluded.