Successful Day at first 3×3 Arab Women Basketball Tournament

SHARJAH, 30th October, 2016 (WAM)–The first day of the 3×3 Arab Women Basketball Tournament has concluded, seeing 16 teams competing on the courts.

This first year of the tournament, taking place at the Women Sport Department’s headquarters in Sharjah from October 30 – 31, 2016, features 16 of the best teams in the region competing for the title.

Playing under the theme ‘Above the Rim, We Score’, teams representing the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon are taking part in the event, organised by the Women’s Sports Department, in collaboration with the Arab Basketball Federation and the UAE Basketball Association, in partnership with the Sharjah Sports Council.

The opening ceremony was attended by Nada Al Naqbi, Director of the Women’s Sports Department in Sharjah, Chairperson of the Women’s Committee at the Arab Basketball Federation and Head of the Higher Organising Committee of the Tournament, Hamana Nyan, Vice President of FIBA, Major General Ismail Gergawi, Chairman of both Arab and UAE Basketball Unions, Khalid Al Hinai, Vice President of the UAE Basketball Federation, Consul General of the International Federation of Basketball 3×3, Dr. Ibtisam Al Suwaidi, Head of the Sports Women in the Public Authority for Youth Welfare and Sports, and the heads of unions of participating Arab countries, along with a legion of local fans, Arab officials and media.

The winning teams today were Bahrain Typmis, defeating Emirati Alsharqiya 17 to 16, Jordanian Orthodox (2) beat Iraqi Halbaga 10 to 4, Algerian Olympic defeated Lebanese LIU 13 to 12, Jordanian Fuhes defeated Emirati Alwusta 17 to 6, Algerian GSP (2) beat Palestine University 21 to 1, Egyptian Sporting (2) defeated Jordanian Orthodox 1 10 to 5, Algerian GSP (1) beat Jordanian Fuhes (2) 21 to 5, and Egyptian Sporting (1) defeated Emirati Sharjah Women 13 to 10.

The 3×3 matches are played with three participants on each side and a fourth player as a reserve. The teams use half of a traditional basketball court, with both teams scoring at the same basket.

This first of its kind women’s tournament in the Middle East has generated great interest among the 3×3 competitions commission at the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Nada Al Naqbi, Director of the Women’s Sports Department in Sharjah, described Day One as a great success. “The running of the competition was extremely smooth and is the result of extremely detailed preparations and organisation. The players and spectators have all had an excellent start to the tournament, and we all look forward to the final day, which is going to be highly competitive.”