Study breathes new optimism into Sharjah Baby Friendly Emirate Campaign

Sharjah: A wave of optimism is sweeping the medical fraternity, after stunning revelations that the number of asthmatic babies can be drastically reduced by up to 62 percent through a simple, free and healthy solution of breastfeeding.

Researchers discovered that breastfeeding greatly reduces the risk of asthma among infants aged 2-6 years. In more positive news, it was found that the longer a baby is exclusively breastfed, the greater the protection from asthma. This gives mothers an irresistible motivation to feed their babies exclusively on breast milk, without supplementing it with artificial formula.

While this incredible asthma protection was evident in all infants up to the age of six, it was found to be particularly beneficial for toddlers older than 3 years. On this note experts recommend that for optimal health benefits, mothers should exclusively breastfeed for six months, then introduce complimentary home-made feeding while continuing to breastfeed for two years. This news is an enormous boost to the efforts of the Sharjah Baby Friendly Emirate Campaign, as it is the latest in a long line of health benefits attributed to breastfeeding.

Director of the Executive Committee for the Sharjah Baby Friendly Emirate Campaign, Dr Hessa Khalfan Al Ghazal, expressed great delight at the findings: “Breast milk never ceases to amaze us. Just when we think we have discovered all the health benefits of breastfeeding, researchers discover even more advantages. This should reassure every mother in Sharjah who has been having second thoughts about whether to choose breastfeeding over artificial formula.” Dr Al Ghazal was quick to add that it is never too late to change for mothers who had previously started on artificial milk: “The research emphatically shows that the anti-asthma health benefits increase with each month that the baby is breastfed. Therefore even if the mother had previously started on artificial milk, the months of breastfeeding starting from now can make a massive difference.” The benefits are not restricted to babies, as it will lead to fewer adults growing up with asthma. Sufferers who have experienced the excruciating agony of breathing difficulties will appreciate the benefit of breathing normally, which the rest of society takes for granted.