Student medical engineers from the UAE get hands on training at Sheikh Zayed Institute

Abu Dhabi: Throughout their eight week program focusing on paediatric innovation theory and practice, two students representing the United Arab Emirates (UAE) trained side-by-side with world renowned experts at the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Paediatric Surgical Innovation in Washington.

The two female biomedical engineering majors from Khalifa University for Science Technology and Research shadowed doctors and medical students on clinical rounds, where they observed live robotic surgery and got a first-hand look into how today’s medical equipment – built and designed by biomedical engineers like them – is used to help patients every day.

The Khalifa University students joined 12 other students from around the world this summer to train at the Children’s National Medical Centre’s Sheikh Zayed Campus for Advanced Children’s Medicine in Washington, DC, as part of the Institute’s Student Innovators Program.

The Sheikh Zayed Institute’s biomedical engineering team engaged the students in working to develop promising new technologies, made possible thanks to a gift from the Abu Dhabi government to the Children’s National Medical Center in 2009.