Stanford Student Conducts Advanced Research in Solar Technology at Masdar Institute

Abu Dhabi: Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, today announced that a student from Stanford University in the US has conducted advanced research in solar technology under a six-week internship program.

A Saudi national, Samar Alqatari is an Engineering Physics student with a focus on Renewable Energy at Stanford.

As a research assistant, Alqatari has spent the summer in the Nano Electronics and Photonics Lab (NEP) of Dr Ammar Nayfeh and at the lab of Dr Matteo Chiesa. She has been conducting nanomaterial research on Zinc Oxide (ZnO) using the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Dr. Nayfeh is the Assistant Professor, Microsystems Engineering, while Dr Chiesa, is the Associate Professor – Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering, at Masdar Institute.

Dr. Nayef said: “The Nano Electronics and Photonics Lab at Masdar Institute is the perfect location for promising students such as Samar Alqatari to conduct advanced research. Her research has already produced significant results, which we hope will benefit the academia and the solar energy industry. Samar has the passion and the potential to make a change and her presence at Masdar Institute bears testimony to the Abu Dhabi-based institution’s appeal to students from across the region as a place that encourages innovation.” Alqatari said: “The research I conducted at Masdar Institute has many applications in renewable energy, specifically solar power.

I have also learned a lot of physics that I typically wouldn’t learn otherwise until my junior or senior years in college. In fact, my research with the materials science group here at Masdar Institute has made me shift my Master’s degree major to Materials Science, quite different from my initial plans.”