Sport has finally prevailed over politics, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: Sport has finally prevailed over politics with the resumption of India-Pakistan cricketing ties being announced recently, a UAE paper commented.

“While the decision to renew contact through cricket is a step in the right direction it has, however, provided political fodder for the sceptics who are trying to drive their own political agenda and deviate from painting the bigger picture, which is peace and mutual respect. There are lessons that must be learnt from the past,” Gulf News said in its today’s editorial.

Sporting and cultural ties bring people from India and Pakistan closer. It is the preferred form of communication and has a better success rate than political dialogue which largely focuses on semantics and doublespeak. There are many gains to be reaped from this form of proximity. It acts as a balm to preconceived notions that otherwise serve to bring out the angst among politicians and governments and alters the focus of the agenda.

“An India-Pakistan cricket match is never short of excitement, competitive fervour and passion they are all, however, displayed within the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect for talent and skill. It is therefore, the right time for the PCB and BCCI to come together and set an agenda for renewing links. The gains will be there for all to see and savour,” the paper concluded.