SPEA concludes Professional Development Week

SHARJAH, The Sustainable Improvement Department at Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) concluded, on Thursday, the Professional Development Week, organised in cooperation with the Sharjah Education Academy, with the participation of 300 education leaders and teachers in schools, aiming at providing development opportunities for different groups.

The Development Week was in line with the directions and strategy of SPEA to continue developing the performance of educational work for all parties in the educational field, to achieve work efficiency of educational leaders and teachers in private schools.

Through the Professional Development Week, SPEA seeks to create opportunities to raise the quality of educational work between school leaders and teachers, in addition to providing a platform that allows the exchange of experiences and the sharing of best educational practices in 120 private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah that offer 10 different school curricula, which provides an opportunity to review successful experiences and share with other schools.

SPEA seeks to organise a professional development week after the end of each semester, to take advantage of the school vacation, and employ teachers’ time for professional development, discuss the latest developments in the teaching and learning process, search for best educational practices, and raise the performance efficiency of all educational staff.

Dr. Muhadtha Al Hashemi, Chairman of the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA), said that SPEA authority believes that the keys to success stem from providing a stimulating work environment that enables administrative, teaching and technical staff and students to develop and enhance their capabilities, which leads to the academic outputs of international standards, including all parts of the educational system.

Ali Al Hosani, Director of SPEA said that the Sustainable Improvement Department is one of the foundations of the educational system in SPEA, given its pivotal role in continuing to strengthen educational tools, by searching for the latest developments in the educational reality on various local, regional and global levels.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority, through its innovative initiatives and programmes, aims to regulate private education in Sharjah, raise the quality and efficiency of educational performance through the application of best educational practices, encourage the provision of distinguished services, and attract investments in the field of private education.

Source: Emirates News Agency