SMD organises Outstanding Guide Programme for 4th consecutive year

Sharjah: The Sharjah Museums Department (SMD), in collaboration with Sharjah’s Youth and Girls Centres, organised an educational programme entitled ‘The Outstanding Guide’ at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, aimed at educating young people on how to become effective museum guides in an interesting and engaging manner.

The innovative five-day programme aimed to teach young participants aged 12 to 15 about the value of museums in local and international communities, and on how to lead visitors through the museum in a manner that would capture and hold their interest. A number of SMD guides form part of the initiative, and provided hands-on training to the enthusiastic future guides.

The five-day activity forms part of SMD’s commitment to keep children positively engaged in productive and useful activities during the summer holidays, and to encourage them to better invest their leisure time through diverse activities that help them develop and sharpen their skills and acquire new knowledge while having fun.

The All in all the ‘Outstanding Guide’ initiative is designed to inculcate a love for museums and history in young Emiratis, in the hope that they in turn may become role models for young people interested in museums and the work they do.
‘Outstanding Guide’ programme included a wide range of activities and competitions designed to both develop self-confidence among the participants, and teach them the skills and expertise needed to lead exciting tours inside public museums. Activities included a tour of the museum during which the participants got the chance to learn more about the museum and its components. The programme also featured competitions and Q1 and Intelligence tests, as well as talent and creativity discovery tests. Further components of the event addressed the basic principles of the art of speaking and presentation, as well as tips on how to present to people with special needs.