Signing Ceremony of 2,000 JAC Pure Electric Vehicles Exported to the US will be Held at Shanghai Auto Show 2013

HEFEI, China, April 20, 2013 /PRNewswire — JAC will sign a cooperation agreement on the export of 2,000 pure electric vehicles (i.e. the export agreement of 2,000 pure electric vehicles of the first batch) with GreenTech Automotive Corp. (GTA) from the US in Shanghai on April 19 to commonly develop the US electric vehicle market with environmental-friendly electric vehicles.

From 2010 to 2012, JAC has sold over 4,000 pure electric vehicles in total, creating the largest scale for putting all-electric cars in demonstrative operation in the industry and ranking the first in the new energy automobile industry of China, which not only helps JAC win reputations but also sets off a “green whirlwind” on the global market.

JAC’s leading position in the Chinese pure electric vehicle market, excellent sales performance and perfect service network have won the favor and trust of GTA. In February 2013, a sample of exported pure electric vehicle was sent to the US for testing and performance inspections and in April, the cooperation agreement was formally signed. JAC only took a half year to complete the first cooperation with GTA, marking that JAC formally gets access to overseas terminal customers and is becoming a real “image spokesperson” of green living and new environmental protection fashion.

JAC’s third-generation electric vehicles exported to the US in this time have overall upgraded driver modules and comprehensively improved key indicators such as total battery energy, distance per charge, maximum speed, acceleration, climbing performance and operation stability, and therefore can meet driving demands. Compared with the second generation, the third generation integrates the functions of braking energy recovery and remote monitoring. The braking energy recovery function can convert the kinetic energy produced in braking, acceleration and sliding down slopes to electric energy to increase the distance per charge by 5% to 10%. The battery capacity of the third generation is increased from 15 kWh to 19 kWh and the driving range per charge on urban roads is increased by 30% from 100 km to 130 km. (It is revealed that the terminal price of an IEV 3 electric vehicle exported to the US in this time is about 20,000 USD.)