Sheikhs attend private screening of Emirati documentary 'Nanny Culture' in London

LONDON, 29th October, 2016 (WAM) — The private screening of the Emirati documentary “Nanny Culture” was recently held at the Hospital Club in London, in the presence of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, staff from the UAE Embassy in London, representatives of the media, and others.

Produced by Abu Dhabi-based Anasy Media and directed by the British filmmaker Paul James Driscoll, the film revolves around an Emirati family which temporarily hires the services of a British nanny to help them organise their children’s daily activities and study schedules. The audience erupted in laughter frequently throughout the 80 minutes while watching the mishaps.

The plot centres on interactivity and friction between the children and the nanny, as she guides them to change their daily routine and habits, the production company said.

The camera amusingly depicts the emotions and sentiments revealing the relation between the nanny, children and their parents, besides her relation with the other domestic help in the house.

The film also discloses aspects of inter-cultural co-existence within a limited space. It displays the nanny’s background, the goals of an Emirati family and the benefits of employing a nanny.

A replication of the social state of affairs and the type of life led by a British nanny working for an Emirati family, the Nanny Culture addresses several issues, like the family’s cautiousness to make the nanny observe local traditions, while she teaches and brings up their children; the pros and cons of hiring a nanny, how much families benefit from hiring nannies; how other families view the family that hires a nanny, and in the end how a nanny adapts to the new work and social environment.

Showing a panoramic view of some of the prominent landmarks in the UAE and London, highlighting heritage, cultural and sports related locations along with several tourist destinations, the documentary presents an authentic imprint of the living experience in the UAE.