Sharjah’s Health Promotion Department launches ‘Lifestyle’ campaign

SHARJAH, The Health Promotion Department (HPD) at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA) in Sharjah on Tuesday launched its awareness-raising online campaign titled “Lifestyle” which aims to encourage community members to adopt healthy lifestyles and correct nutritional misconceptions.

Through a video posted on its social media pages, the Department developed a cartoon character named “Hayat” to provide cartoon clips addressing all ages and cultures. The goal is to highlight the importance of opting for healthy diets and educate people on how to choose healthy foods while shopping and buying food items.

The HPD has urged members of the public to tap into the health consultation programme by visiting the Department’s social media pages “Sharjah_health” or via the WhatsApp number 0097158991346. This comes as part of the Department’s keenness to launch creative educational programmes to promote healthy lifestyles among members of society, based on advanced scientific methods.

The campaign also includes the Healthy Shopping initiative which features important tips about ways of adopting healthy lifestyles and guidelines on how to opt for healthy foods while shopping, in addition to highlighting the necessity to read the food label.

The “Lifestyle” campaign falls within the HPD’s relentless efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles among community members. The Department had previously launched several health programmes and campaigns, most importantly the nutritional counseling programme, in addition to educational magazines and electronic brochures that focused on correcting health misconceptions.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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