Sharjah Education Council participates in ‘kindergarten conference 2’

SHARJAH, Within the Sharjah Education Council’s (SEC) partnership with Ataa Educational Company and a specialised group of academics and university professors, the council presented a worksheet during the second scientific kindergarten conference, which concluded recently.

The three-day conference was organised remotely.

The SEC dedicated its worksheet to addressing quality assurance in kindergartens by adopting educational competencies system.

The worksheet defined the competencies-based education system as a system that combines acquired skills with soft skills as a minimum requirement for learning for each phase, aiming to develop a unique and challenging curriculum that meets global standards.

The council reviewed the root causes, the project’s sources, and expected results.

It also addressed the challenges faced by the curriculum based on scientific competencies and how to overcome them through facing these challenges by providing school principals and teachers with a framework for the hard skill curriculum along with the approach based on the soft skill.

Source: Emirates News Agency