Sharjah Archeology Authority welcomes archeologists from Austria

SHARJAH, Sharjah Archeology Authority welcomed a delegation from the Austrian Archaeological Institute, who shed light on institute’s role in the enhanced scientific studies and research based on archaeological excavation sites.

Ambassador of Austria to the UAE, Dr Andreas Liebmann, also graced the event with his presence.

“This meeting was part of the series of meetings and cultural activities held, from time to time, by the Sharjah Archeology Authority, to keep in touch with the archaeologists and discuss the latest archaeological discoveries across various sites in Sharjah. Meeting with the delegation of the Archeology Institute of Austria was part of these efforts, and also to review the activities of the Austrian mission, which has been operating in Kalba for about two years,” said Dr. Sabah Abboud Jasim, Director-General, Sharjah Archaeology Authority.

He added that foreign archaeological missions were assisting Sharjah Archeology Authority to boost archaeological discoveries, and to have more information on the ancient history of the UAE, and the role that ancient inhabitants of the country played in the ongoing progress of human civilisation.

Two renowned archaeologists from the Austrian Archaeological Institute presented some of their findings during the gathering.

Dr Laura Rembart, from the institute, conducted a presentation on Egypt, a hub in the wheel of trade between the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Dr Rembart highlighted how Egypt played an important role as a trade hub between the East and West.

Dr Horacio Gonzalez Cesteros spoke about luxurious items, food staples and amphora commodities. His lecture focused on the archaeological evidence of production and distribution in regard to long-distance trade in antiquity. Dr Cesteros stressed on the importance of people understanding their past and highlighted how connected the world was approximately 2,000 years ago and how through the help of these commodities ideas travelled from one end of the world to another.

The team was also taken on a tour of the Jebel Hassan Archeology site during their visit.

Source: WAM – Emirates News Agency