Seven main pillars for tolerance in UAE: Lubna Al Qasimi

ABU DHABI, 2nd November, 2016 (WAM) — The UAE was founded on deeply embedded values of mutual respect and cooperation, as well as understanding, dialogue and communication with and acceptance of the other from the intellectual, cultural and religious perspective, said Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance.

”The UAE believes in building human being, promoting human values and is keen to maintain the harmony of the social fabric,” Sheikh Lubna said while speaking about the UAE’s tolerance strategy during a session on initiatives and experiments on coexistence and tolerance as part a dialogue on integration, religious freedom and flourishing societies organised by the Muslim Council of Elders and with Christian leaders from the Anglican Communion in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

”When we speak about UAE’s tolerance strategy, we directly point out to the National Tolerance Program.

The program is based on seven main pillars: Islam, UAE Constitution, Zayed’s Legacy and Ethics of the UAE, International Conventions, Archeology and History, Humanity, and Common Values,” she said.

”The National Tolerance Program will be in collaboration with federal and local entities under five main themes: Strengthen government’s role as an incubator of tolerance; Consolidate the role of family in nation building; Promote tolerance among young people and prevent them from fanaticism and extremism, Enrich scientific and cultural content, and Integrate international efforts to promote tolerance and highlight the leading role of UAE in this area,” she explained.

The program, she added, would include a number of initiatives such as Tolerance Week, which will be observed in the third week of November each year to mark the International Day for Tolerance on November 16. As part of the program, members of various segments of the society will be selected as the ‘Voice of Tolerance’ to promote tolerance and reject attitudes of racism and hatred through a number of activities and events, and the use of social media, in partnership with various media outlets.