SEDD releases 4th ‘Emirati Women Entrepreneurs’ booklet

SHARJAH, The Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) released the fourth edition of the “Emirati Women Entrepreneurs” booklet, which records the activities of businesswomen during 2021 and the most important economic activities and classifies them according to the sector.

It also includes the efforts of the Department and all the services it provides to businesswomen. It carries out the role and support provided by institutions and departments concerned with economic activity in the emirate, as part of efforts to support and empower women entrepreneurs and provide them with the opportunity to support economic development in the emirate.

SEDD’s efforts come to implement the directives of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, in supporting and qualifying women, empowering them and providing them with the opportunity to contribute to the process of comprehensive and sustainable economic development.

The booklet includes six main chapters, which highlights SEDD’s efforts, in cooperation with its strategic partners, to enhance the contribution of Emirati women to the process of sustainable economic development, and to support their entry into the labor market as an important and indispensable human resource. It included businesswomen activities and the most important economic fields and classified them according to the sector, which in turn highlights SEDD’s role and the support it provides to them.

The booklet focuses on the role of various entities in the emirate that contribute to providing quality and distinguished services to businesswomen in an effort to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that they may face. These entities included Sharjah Foundation for Supporting Entrepreneurship “RUWAD”, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre “Sheraa”, and Nama Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA). In addition, the booklet comprised number of outstanding models of female entrepreneurs in the emirate, as well as the initiatives and plans adopted by the Department to support women.

Noura Yousif Binsandal, Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Studies Department at SEDD, illustrated that the Department is proactive in activating the role of women and supporting them. She pointed out the Department works continuously to adopt their businesses and innovations, in addition to providing a special section for women, which receives female entrepreneurs with the aim of facilitating procedures and providing them with distinguished services.

Furthermore, Noura highlighted SEDD’s efforts to support the role of women and empower female entrepreneurs, as part of its strategic plan with the aim of identifying the most prominent obstacles facing women in the labor market, and seeking to develop plans that improve their performance and increase their involvement in this field.

“Such thing is done in order to enhance its vital role in the process of growth and development in the UAE, diversify and lead the local economy, improve the quality of life and develop society, through small and medium enterprises of all kinds.” she added.

She further explained that the existing cooperation between the Department and a number of governmental and private women’s business institutions is evident with the aim of encouraging women’s projects and simplifying procedures to attract businesswomen to invest in the emirate.

Moreover, Noura emphasised that the Economic Department works to prepare and implement economic studies and plans, come up with investment systems that support businesswomen, provide an appropriate climate for investment by simplifying procedures and facilitating them for investors, offer women with developments and requirements of entrepreneurship in light of the competitive work environment, and enhance their skills and capabilities in the field of entrepreneurship.

The fourth edition of the booklet is available through SEDD official website.

Source: Emirates News Agency