SCG International unlocking supply chain disruption through end-to-end solutions Building the Dubai Hub as a distribution centre for South Asia, Middle East and Africa

BANGKOK, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

SCG International unlocking supply chain disruption through end-to-end solutions Building the Dubai Hub as a distribution centre for South Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • SCG International has launched a business model to help bolster the international trade potential, both offline and online. The Dubai Hub is in process of development as a supply chain hub from 21 company offices across the world, as part of a plan to penetrate new markets with high potential in the SAMEA group covering South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • The mission is to survive the global disruption and crisis in 2022. SCG International aims to become a leading trusted international supply chain partner with an average long-term growth of sales are expected to total 54 billion baht in 2022.

Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director of SCG International Corporation Co. Ltd., points out that

The three growth strategies that help SCG International to achieve its role as a trusted international supply chain partner are:

  1. End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions: This is due to a strong network of 21 branches across the world, over 4 0 years of experience, and its own marketing platform. With a financial support system that helps maintain cash flow and supply volume.
    “We aim at the SAMEA countries —new markets in South Asia, Middle East states in the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as African nations. The SAMEA group’s economic growth is among the world’s highest and their population accounts for over 45 per cent of the world’s total, we building its Dubai Hub product management centre in the UAE’s Dubai city, to help reduce the transport time and product costs within the SAMEA countries. We view Dubai as a city that can connect with China and India, that are the world’s production hubs,” Mr. Datta said.
  2. B2B ASEAN E-Marketplace: SCG International helps its business partners access their target groups with the online platform BIG Thailand, the virtual marketplace focuses on agricultural and automotive products targeting market expansion in ASEAN countries.
  3. Green Business: Smart Clean Mobility service solutions are available for the battery electric vehicle (BEV) business which integrating various services to help transform mobility fleets of all types of enterprise users to be electric vehicles. Also, SCG International has procurement solutions for the solar business, with a focus on imports and services related to the solar business.

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