SCD launches its new capability-building coaching series, Qudraati

SHARJAH, Sharjah for Capability Development, SCD, has chosen Ramadan a month-long pursuit of bringing out the best in one’s character to launch another new capability-building coaching series, Qudraati.

Meaning “my abilities,” the Qudraati coaching series was introduced to participants representing diverse professional affiliations and a broad age range at a suhoor event organised by the SCD at the Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre, recently in Sharjah.

Presenting the evening’s opening remarks, Noura Al Noman, Chairperson of Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi Executive Office and Member of the Board of Trustees, Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating leaders and Innovators, said, “Today, we are pleased to unveil the Qudraati coaching series. It aims to enhance self-confidence of participants, encourage them to explore their potential and motivate them to be innovative leaders.

“The programme offers a unique opportunity to learn about your strengths and look for the right solutions to the challenges you face in your personal and professional lives. Additionally, you will be able to conduct self-assessment and self-development tests, which will certainly drive your aspirations towards success.”

A two-hour induction session followed, during which attendees were introduced to the purpose, structure and expectations of the Qudraati programme by coach Amal Saad from the leading integrated learning centre, Formatech.

Through a detailed presentation, interactive group activities and an informative Q&A, Saad explained to the session’s attendees the importance of undergoing one-to-one coaching for its unique ability to unlock a person’s potential and expand their capacities by recognising and building on their strengths by virtue of self-learning as opposed to being taught.

“Coaching is neither training nor mentoring or counselling. A coach does not have a fixed agenda or he does not have to from your field. A coach will not help you set your goals or give advice. The one-to-one coaching you will receive at Qudraati will help you tap into your unique leadership journey, ignite project ideas, and drive you towards achieving your leadership vision, all by virtue of self-learning as opposed to being taught,” Amal said.

According to her presentation, individual coaching benefits up to 84 percent receivers with their performance, 60 percent become more open to training and development, 52 percent take ownership and responsibility, and about 37 percent show a marked improvement understanding their roles and objectives and accordingly shape their behaviour and performance.

Qudraati is a three-part one-to-one coaching programme that will be delivered to its attendants from June to October and has been segregated into the following themes: Goal Setting Coaching, Progress Coaching, and Results and Development Coaching.

Source: Emirates News Agency