SCC discusses issues regarding Sharjah Sports Council

SHARJAH, The Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC), on Thursday, discussed issues of the Sharjah Sports Council at the tenth session of the third ordinary session for the tenth legislative term at its headquarters in the city of Sharjah chaired by Ali Mehd Al Suwaidi.

The SCC praised the vision and approach of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, in expanding the establishment of sports and specialised clubs in Sharjah.

It also praised the positive results achieved in supporting the community to practice sports, and his support for clubs in raising the level of sports, athletic youth, developing their talents and upgrading sports in line with ethical values and national goals.

During the session, which lasted about six hours, the members raised several topics on the policies of the Sharjah Sports Council (SSC). They called for involving all members of society, especially students in clubs, their various activities, training sessions, and the demand for establishing an adventure club to practice their sports in the open air.

After approving the minutes of the ninth session, the council discussed the policy of the SSC, in the presence of Issa Hilal Al-Hazami, Chairman of the SSC; Abdul Malik Jani, Vice Chairman of the SSC; Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman bin Sultan, Board Member, Chairman of the Strategic Foresight Committee; Abdullah Sultan Al Dah, Board Member Chairman of the Sports Investment and Marketing Committee; Abdullatif Nasser Al-Fardan, Board Member, Chairman of the Collective Games Committee; Nabil Muhammad bin Ashour, Director of Sports and Development Affairs, and Abdullah Hussein Al Ali, Director of Support Services Department.

While reading out the general topic of discussion and the names of the applicants, Secretary-General of the Council, Ahmed Saeed Al Jarwan, said, the Sharjah Sports Council was established by Emiri Decree No. (34) of 2006 by the Ruler of Sharjah, as an independent, non-profit sports entity with legal personality and financial and administrative independence based in the city of Sharjah to achieve its goals.

The Sharjah Sports Council seeks to achieve its vision of “morally and athletically superior clubs that seek to care for youth, reap achievements, and spread its message to raise the level of youth athletically, develop their talents and advance sports.”

After that, Al-Hazami delivered a speech in which he praised the role of the SSC and its keenness to look after sports affairs, and thanked the Committee for Education, Culture, Media and Youth Affairs for its care in the sports sector, its visits to the emirate’s clubs during the past year, and its keenness to meet twice with the Sharjah Sports Council.

Al-Hazami said, “I am pleased and honoured to be among you today, for communication and dialogue regarding the present and future of sport in Sharjah. So, let me announce to you the news of a new award recently won by the Emirate of Sharjah, which is the “Capital of Arab Sports Culture Award” which was granted by the Arab Federation for Sports Culture among its awards for the year 2021.

The session began with member, Dr. Hamid Al-Suwaiji Al-Zaabi, inquiring about the SSC’s approach to developing financial resources, which currently do not meet the needs of the clubs, and the orientation under the state’s policies towards investment in light of the support of the Ruler of Sharjah for the clubs by allocating commercial and industrial lands to them. He stressed the importance of the role of sports media and the exercise of its role.

In her intervention, Nabila Ali Al Hammadi called for the dissemination of the strategic plan and objectives to all public and specialised clubs. She called for the development of an organisational structure for the clubs and the establishment of a clear career ladder that considers the attraction of distinguished competencies, especially citizenship.

Saif Mohammed Al-Midfa asked about the council’s role in employing sports programmes and community sports to treat obesity and its spread among children and youth. He suggested developing remote sports programmes to encourage young people to exercise at home.

He emphasised the importance of organising an annual sports exhibition and conference at the Sharjah Expo Centre in 2023.

Obaid urged Al-Ga’d Al-Tunaiji to conduct equestrian endurance races, increase the budget of the Sharjah Camel Club, supervise sports buildings in the central region and their observance of the specifications that are suitable for sports practice.

Mohammed Hamad Al Zaabi suggested establishing a mountaineering club to attract amateurs, especially in the Eastern Province.

After that, the SSC presented adequate responses and explanations to the various inquiries submitted by the members of the Advisory Council.

Al-Hazami also reviewed the harvest of Sharjah clubs and sports plans, and the Sharjah Sports Council responded to all inquiries and opinions of members and members and their observations.

The sports council vice president, its members, and the directors of departments, also clarified about its work and the continuation of the business system in sports investment, the nurturing of talented players, expansion of clubs, following up on various constructions and achieving a leap in sports affairs and the plans of the sports council.

Source: Emirates News Agency