Sawab Center promotes positive alternatives through its new campaign: #UCanImpact

ABU DHABI, 3rd August, 2016 (WAM) – As part of its ongoing effort to drown out the poisonous propaganda of Daesh, the Sawab Center is currently spotlighting on its social media platforms several Arab and Muslim youths who are making positive contributions to society.

Under the hashtag #UCanImpact, the campaign will provide an uplifting and inspirational message to social media users, emphasising the potential for anyone to become a constructive change-maker. Among the role models featured in the campaign will be Shamma bint Sohail Faris AlMazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, from UAE, Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, Maha Laziri from Morocco and USA, Younis Mahmoud from Iraq, and Tariq Dhibi from Tunisia.

Active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the Sawab Center has given voice to the millions of people around the world who oppose Daesh and catalysed a strong network of online followers who reject violence and support peaceful co-existence and inclusive societies. To date, the Sawab Center has undertaken eleven proactive social media campaigns to expose the truth behind the Daesh propaganda. Campaigns have focussed on defectors from Daesh, the terrorist group’s treatment of women and children, and foreign fighters.

A joint UAE-US initiative launched last July, the Sawab Center (@SawabCenter) frequently promotes positive alternatives to the destructive and insular vision of Daesh, particularly as its brand continues to weaken and the group suffers fatal reverses on the battlefields in its core areas of Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Examples of Sawab’s positive messaging include stories about trail-blazing women, national pride, and humanitarian activities.

Since its launch, the Sawab Center has actively sought to encourage governments, communities and individual voices to engage proactively to counteract Daesh online. Leading by example, Sawab has reported thousands of Daesh accounts for suspension and also helps crowdsource efforts by producing videos instructing users how to report Daesh accounts on various social media platforms, contributing to the worldwide effort to delete Daesh propaganda from the virtual space.

The Sawab Center will continue to embolden social media activists and users, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region, to join in this shared effort to counter Daesh’s destructive and insular vision and promote instead a message of tolerance, inclusivity, and co-existence.