Saudi delegation discusses cooperation in sector skills councils area

A Saudi delegation from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development visited the Ministry of Labor,and the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission (TVSDC) to take a look at the Jordanian expertise in sector skills councils (SSCs), and discuss ways of cooperation in this domain. During the meeting, Labor Ministry’s Secretary General Farouk Hadidi emphasized the importance of bolstering Jordanian-Saudi relations in the labor sector, especially in the areas of skills, and training as well as SSCs. The TVSDC, he indicated, is a strategic partner in forming SSCs that were established in cooperation between the commission and the private sector, with the aim of improving skills in various sectors, identifying the required skills needed by the local labor market, developing professional standards and career paths, and providing professional guidance. For his part, Ahmed Al-Zahrani, the undersecretary of skills and training at the Saudi Ministry, said that the meeting with the commission is an opportunity to cast light on the methods used and approaches adopted in Jordan in establishing the SSCs, as a pioneering experience in the region in terms of quality. Additionally, he noted that the councils mainly aim to foster partnership with the private sector, meet the relevant parties in sector planning for skills and professions, and set national occupational standards, which contribute to providing outputs that are primarily commensurate with the needs of the labor market. Moreover, he noted that Saudi Arabia seeks to leverage the Jordanian expertise in this area through activating and operating 12 SSCs by 2025.

Source: Jordan News Agency