SAI participates in the Executive Council Meeting of ARABOSAI in Rabat

WAM Rabat, Dec 17th, 2012 (WAM) — A UAE delegation led by Dr. Harib Al-Amimi, President of the State Audit Institution, is participating in the 47th meeting of the Executive Council of the Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institution (ARABOSAI).

The meeting hosted by The Court of Auditors of The Kingdom of Morocco from Dec 17 to 19 addresses many subjects related to development of the audit work and cooperation among the supreme audit institutions in the Arab Countries. The report of the Executive Council on its activities during the past period and the report of the Professional and Audit Standards Committee will be discussed. The attendees will also review other reports such as reports of the members participating in the committees and in the INTOSAI Working Groups’ activities.

The institutions, which will benefit from the financial subsidy for participating in the forums to be held during the next year, will be identified and the results of the overall strategic planning team and finance of some of the ARABOSAI activities will be reviewed and studied. In addition to that, the final accounts of the financial years 2010 ‘&’ 2011 and the estimated budget of 2013 will be approved.

The Executive Council will specify the date of its next meeting and the 11th meeting of the General Assembly resolved to be held in Kuwait. Moreover, the agenda of the late meeting will be agreed including the identification of the controllers who will be invited for participation in this meeting.

It is worth mentioning that the ARABOSAI is a regional organization established in 1976 and includes all supreme audit institutions which are considered members of the Arab League and comprises the General Assembly, Executive Council and General Secretariat.